Tuesday, June 29, 2010

cricket and buddy become fast friends

Saturday marked six weeks of Cricket being among us! Since puppies are generally ready to be adopted and re-homed once they reach six or eight weeks, I consider this a milestone. She is old enough now that not having her real mom around doesn't set her behind any other American puppy. I'm very glad we are through this first danger zone, though she never gave us any reason to worry.

She seems to be constantly getting better at everything. She walks splendidly, and in fact can now run at a decent pace. She's gotten used to her collar and I made a little harness attachment to go with it (which she has already practically outgrown since I made it a week ago). She is even climbing steps, though she can only ascend and needs practice descending them.

Here's a video of Buddy and Cricket playing, complete with some characteristic Basenji noises. Also notice Cricket's tough girl face--you wouldn't mess with her would you!

cricket and buddy play

Don't worry--she was fine after that fall! Once we knew she was okay we watched the video again in slow motion--certainly the funniest thing I've ever taped.

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