Monday, June 21, 2010

what kind of dog is that?

It seems obvious to everyone that Buddy isn't a typical American dog. Most people ask us what kind of dogs we have. We've boiled the explanation down to this: Buddy (and Cricket) are dogs we brought back from Africa. They are indigenous to Cameroon, but very similar to a breed called Basenji. Most people are not familiar with Basenjis, but they seem a lot like a warm weather Shiba Inu.

We believe that our dogs are Basenji mixes, or Native Basenji (from Africa, not from the original stock imported from the Democratic Replublic of Congo which sired American Baenjis). If you would like a Buddy, Honey, or Cricket of your own, check out these sites for information on this special breed, imported from Africa.
Basenji Club of America
Basenji Companions
Basenji Rescue

And now some pictures: as demonstrated yesterday, Cricket likes to cuddle. She snuggles up to Buddy, or Allen or I.

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