Thursday, June 3, 2010

Au Revoir

My last month in Cameroon has by far been the hardest. This is for two reasons, the first is saying goodbye. Saying goodbye here is in one way much harder than saying goodbye to everyone stateside two years ago: I have no idea when, or if, I will see my friends here again. I have tried to help everyone I want to stay in touch with set up email account and learn how to check them, but communicating with my friends here will be much harder than communicating with family back home ever was.

Secondly, three weeks ago my dog, whom I've written about before, died. Honey became pregnant despite the birth control shot I got for her. She had three puppies and died of complications. Of course she was very important to me, as most pets are to their families. Honey was always happy to see me and happy to listen or play, which was the best medicine for a bad day in a foreign culture where it's work to have conversations. Two of her puppies were stillborn, and the third is thriving. For now, this blog will become a puppy blog, all about Cricket's growth. So check back regularly for pictures and videos of Cricket's development. I promise to be more regular about posting, since I will be in the states, an internet haven. Also, even when I don't have anything interesting to say, puppy pictures will brighten the worst or best day.


  1. Carol, so sorry about the loss of Honey. It is so hard to lose a loved one, especially when the loved one is of the furry, tail wagging, licking variety. Glad you will be home soon and that you had some great experiences. If you get a chance come take a row with us on the lake. tracy crossman

  2. oooh, Carol... I'm sorry, too. What an unexpected turn of events. Hugs and prayers, Mary