Thursday, June 17, 2010

cuteness overdose

I've fallen behind this week (is anyone surprised?) so here's all the pictures I should've been posting this week.

To start us off, I'm posting two pictures I should have started the puppyhood blog off with, since Cricket is mere minutes old in them.

We move on to a pair of shots which show one of Cricket's favorite places, in a hammock made of a scarf. When we were still in Cameroon, Allen and I had to take Cricket with us most places since she needed to be fed so often. We carried her around in a little cloth backpack I had sewn down to her size. When we took moto rides, I wrapped her in this scarf too to keep wind chill down for her.

We made many Cameroonians laugh at restaurants and cyber cafes by breaking out a bottle and feeding Cricket at our table. Some laughed, but others were more shocked, leading Allen to suggest that they were surprised what white people's babies look like.

Finally, one shot of Cricket on the day she opened her eyes.

Tomorrow we'll jump ahead to the present day (and a much bigger puppy!) to showcase her new collar.

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