Thursday, June 10, 2010

tentative steps

Once Cricket was nearly two weeks old, she finally opened her eyes! Her eyesight, however, did not seem to benefit from her eyes being open. It's taken at least a week for her to lose that glassy, fogged over look and now she's started to see obstacles in her path. She also started wobbling around on four legs instead of the army crawl we were all used to.

Also, before leaving Ngaoundere I had a friend paint henna for me. Cameroonians use a Chinese brand of hair dye instead of the traditional plant to stain their hands and feet in delicate patterns. Aissatou, who painted mine for me, came over a few hours late and didn't have time to paint my hands before I had to catch the train south. She did a beautiful job on my feet and a small design on my chest. I had henna done once before in Cameroon and the motifs were very similar: flower petals, scrolls, and dots.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, Cricket is growing fast! Must be you and Allen caring so lovingly for her. She is adorable. The white on her chest and white star on her forehead are pretty. Her coat is so much lighter than before. The little sounds she makes are cute too!
    Aissatou did a terrific job on the henna painting.