Wednesday, July 7, 2010

one week's difference

I haven't posted in a week, partly because I was out of town "camping" with my boyfriend, his dad and stepmom. I say "camping" because it was much more luxurious than any camping trip I'd ever been on (and even more luxurious than my house in Cameroon considering there were hot showers!) but a very good time none-the-less. We left the dogs behind for the two nights we were away, and our friends took very good care of them.

Meanwhile, Cricket has grown even more, and lost almost all her black markings. Her white spot on her face has practically disappeared too, though her chest and tiptoes are going strong.

her white tip toes:

photo with my feet for size comparison:

happy puppy:


Buddy teaches Cricket one of his bad habits:

I took these pictures with my new phone. Let me tell you, no technology advanced more than phones while we were gone. I was a little slow on the uptake for telephone technology before, and this is actually the first phone I have owned with a camera function. I am very pleased with the quality of photos it takes. It's quite a leap from a call and text capable flip phone to a touch screen phone with camera which can check my email.

Yesterday we took Cricket to the vet for her first shot. The vet laid down a line of squeeze cheese in front of her, which meant she didn't even bat an eye at the needle he then stuck into her back. Just like that, her second vet visit was over. By the way, Buddy is nearly all healed from his neutering surgery a couple weeks ago.

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