Friday, February 20, 2009

Meet Honey

I got a puppy! Her name is Honey; her name fits her coloring, and is also a principal product of the Adamaoua. Allen found her in Meiganga for me. She had a bad case of fleas, and what I'm pretty sure is a tapeworm. She got a flea bath and a shot for the worm when she first arrived, but the tapeworm shows no signs of leaving (hence her nickname, Worm-butt). So I'm still in the process of getting her healthy.

When I first decided I wanted a dog, I figured I would have to cook for it. Stacy had a dog, and she would feed it leftovers from a restaurant around the corner. I bought a bag of dog food in Yaoundé, and Allen noticed one of the Ngaoundéré supermarchés selling it. So I decided I might have an easier time feeding her dog food: the long shelf life and nutritionally balanced meals appealed to me. The other day, her bag from Yaoundé was running low, so I went to buy some at the “secret oatmeal” supermarché. They were out, and said they weren’t sure when they’d get another shipment. I might have to wait a week, or two weeks, or longer: it just depends what comes in on the ships. So I’m left figuring out each meal for the dog. She loves eggs, and sometimes I buy her beans and beignets in the evenings.

I’m still house training her. It’s difficult, because I don’t want to be too mad at her for a natural thing like relieving herself. Also, her signal for “I need to go out” is indistinguishable from “Feed me,” and “Play with me!”

A puppy is a lot of work, and she has so much energy! But she’s cute and fun, and always happy to see me.