Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conges de Noel: Chutes de Kribi

Most of us stayed on extra time, enjoying the beach. Since we had all of Friday to spend as we pleased, we slept in after breakfast. Allen and I headed to the waterfalls by taking a moto part way, then walking along the beach the rest. We stopped at a hotel we had heard of from other volunteers (Tara Plage) and ate lunch. A few more of our stage-mates met us there, and we kept walking along the beach to find the waterfalls. The Chute de Kribi falls directly into the ocean. They are not as tall as waterfalls I’m used to seeing in the gorge, but were beautiful nonetheless. I didn’t take my camera that day, to avoid losing it, but regret that decision now. I swam in the water past the falls, and didn’t realize the current’s strength until I tried to swim against it. I made no progress, so I swam into shore instead of trying to approach the falls by water. We didn’t actually spend much time at the falls, but started walking back towards our hotel. A man on the beach offered to make us dinner. He set up a table on the beach with fresh flowers, and made us grilled fish. Nick asked him about one of the trees nearby and its fruit. He called it a breadfruit, and offered to cook us some to go with the fish. Fried, it tasted just like French fries. We left Kribi at six the next morning, intending to visit the supermarkets in Yaoundé before boarding the night train north.

The train station “lost” a couple of our reservations for sleeping cars. I have taken five train rides, and on two trips we have had trouble with the reservations. I’ve started to think of them less as a reservation, and more of a statement of potential interest. The train is scheduled to leave at six thirty every evening. This trip we left three hours late.

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