Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conges de Noel: In Service Training

The conference was hosted at our hotel, Hotel le Paradise. All of the volunteers from my training class were there, as well as the Cameroonians they invited as counterparts. I felt the conference was more useful for the counterparts, who only stayed two days. The next two days were more casual sessions for just us volunteers. We heard presentations about the various committees (diversity, environmental education, education/small enterprise steering committees, HIV/gender and youth development).

After the conference each day we would go jump in the waves, eat dinner, and hang out on the beach. Occasionally, young men approached us carrying artisan objects for sale. All the artisan’s throughout the country have the same wares. Whenever I’ve asked who made them, they claim authorship. I’ve yet to believe one of them. That Friday, we had breakfast and the conference was over.

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