Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"things are looking up for old liz lemon"

Two pieces of great news!

First, I found a house! I'll move in December, when another volunteer(s?) will move into my current house, and take on all the transit house responsibilities. I'll miss this wireless internet and hot showers... it's like i'm leaving the first world all over again. Though, at least the world I'm moving to has a yard for honey, a modern bath and a kitchen sink. (At first I typed modern kitchen, but realized that would give Americans an entirely wrong impression). It's the right size too, and while further from town than I had hoped, it's in a safe little concession, and I'm excited to be moving there.

Secondly, the funding for the Adamaoua Girls' Scholarship finally arrived. The scholarship was started (and mostly funded this year) by two American women, Anne C. and Anne R. You can read more or donate for next year here: It was a pretty complicated process getting the money here, and I'm glad it's finally going to the intended use--providing school fees, uniforms, and books to 25 rural Adamaoua girls to attend high school.

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