Monday, October 12, 2009

ca fait longtemps

I don't have any excuse for how long I've neglected this blog. Not that I haven't been thinking of you all, my readers. I did write an entry about two months ago that I never got around to posting. My apologies.

Catching Up:

My (tiny) teacher training course that lasted all summer is on hold for now. We used openoffice for the entire course, which worked well for learning the basics of Writer (Word) and Calc (Excel). Beyond that, my students want to learn basic desktop publishing (making business cards, invitations...) and we've found openoffice just doesn't cut it. So, we are waiting until we get Publisher, and can complete the class. The photos for this post are all from Mbideng.

The group I started with back in April at the CPFF (center for women and families) has finished the course! They are already settling in at their internship positions in the local government offices, and we will have a graduation ceremony in the first week of November.

As both these classes wrap up, all my students hard work shines through. Both groups have progressed so far, and I'm extremely glad I made the job switch and get to work with my f a n t a s t i c new-ish counterpart.

The Near Future:

So I have a bit of down time until my classes start up again. I've been doing a lot of sewing lately, and think I'll be taking advantage of this huge excess of spare time to compete some projects and start others.

Otherwise, I'm searching for a new house at post to move into in December. I need a place with a yard, since Honey will be coming too. I would l o v e to go back to my original house (even though they've since built a two story building in the front yard) but I doubt that will happen. So, I've been asking around for studios. Though I think I'm going to rethink that strategy--I've seen some pretty dismal rooms. House hunting is very different here--there are no listings (online or in print) and you have to specify electricity, running water, and modern toilet. People keep telling me they have a place to show me and then the toilet is a hole in the ground. One guy said his place had running water, but really there was one spicket serving the concession (group of buildings).

For a while I wasn't sure I would come home before my close of service (early June of next year), but my family has made an extraordinarily generous offer to buy me a plane ticket home. I will be in Portland for a spell around Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, so many of the people I love will still be far away (unless they decide it'd be a good time to visit Portland***).

So, especially with extra time on my hands, I will renew my promise to update at least once a week.

***No one in their right mind thinks late November is a good time to visit Portland.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Carol! It must be satisfying to have brought a group of women through your classes and see them moving onto the next step! What are you sewing? I hope to see some of your handiwork modeled in November. How exciting that you will be coming for a visit! Mary Jensen